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Two books crossed my desk last year I thought would make great start to 2017.

As The Ink Flows: Devotions to Inspire Christian Writers & Speakers is a compilation by five writers who connected with each other through The Word Guild: Glenda Dekkema, Melony Teague, Carol Ford, Claudia Loopstra and Marguerite Cummings.

A finely crafted book, As the Ink Flows comprises 90 devotions which touch on every aspect of a writer’s or speaker’s life in a variety of categories: The Craft (with the most devotions), Inspiration, Know Yourself, Well-Being, Personalities and Faithfulness.

Each devotion follows the traditional format: scripture, devotional, prayer. Then As the Ink Flows adds a unique twist: at least two writing prompts. Instead of just giving the reader something to think about, it encourages them write about what they read. Not only do they read the word, they’re given ways to act upon it.

The book works for both experienced and new writers/speakers. For veterans, some of devotions (including the prompts) will be a reminder and refresher of lessons learned long ago. For newer writers the book will help them grow in their craft, identity and calling as a writer.

Two books crossed my desk last year I thought would make great start to 2017

Elma Schemenauer’s YesterCanada: Historical Tales of Mystery and Adventure will get you in the mood to celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial.

I’m a Canadian history buff and expected to have read most of the stories in this book. I was surprised to find there were probably less than half a dozen stories that I’d read before. The majority of the 30 tales were tidbits of Canadian history I wasn’t aware of and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

The stories are quick reads but packed with a lot of information. If there was one shortcoming to YesterCanada it’s the shifting of viewpoints from one story to the next. Some were written from a first-person perspective, others from a third-person perspective. I found the switching back and forth somewhat off-putting and, at times, confusing. I would have preferred if Schemenauer had chosen one point-of-view and stuck with it.

That said, YesterCanada is well worth reading to find out more about this great land of ours that turns 150 this year.


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